Academic Guidance

  1. 2020/2021 Undergraduate Academic Guidance FISIP-UNDIP
  2. Writing Guidance of Scientific Works

Delegation Letter

  1. Rektor’s Decree
  2. Dean’s Decree

Letter of Statement :

Statement Letter of Scientific Works Authenticity_Update Okt 2020
Application for Thesis Defence/Final Project_Update Okt 2020
KSU (Test Ready Card)_Update Okt 2020
2020 Scholarship Application Form
UKT (Tuition) Application Form
UKT (Tuition) Late Payment – Page 1 Printed in 4 copies
Application for Make-Up Exam
Application for Academic Leave
Application to Attend the Lecture After Absence
Application for Resignation
Select the Appropriate Page – Research Interview Permit for Course Assignment
Select the Appropriate Page – Application for Government Institution Research Permit and the Response
Select the Appropriate Page – Application for Private Company Research Permit
Statement Letter for Lost of KTM (Student Card)
Statement Letter – English
Certificate of Graduation – Associate Degree
Certificate of Graduation – Bachelor’s Degree
Statement Letter for Lost of SPI Payment Slip
Letter of Returning of SPP (Tuition)
Statement Letter of Not On Academic Leave
Statement Letter of Active Student for NON-PNS
Statement Letter of Active Student for PNS
Cover Letter for Internship
Cover Letter for Internship in English
Cover Letter for Internship – Finished
Cover Letter for Internship – Internship Cancellation
Letter of Recommendation for KKN (Community Service)
Statement Letter of Supervisor
Thesis Permit Card
Thesis Title Submission


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