Governance Studies


“Becoming an excellent study program in the education and research sphere, as well as in governance problem-solving at the national and international level by 2022.”


  • To thrive an educational process to produce graduates who are competitive, committed to solving governance problems, have the intellectual capacity to conduct government analysis and research, and are able to adapt to political and governmental changes.
  • To thrive an educational institution that is trusted in developing governance, solving governance problems through research and advocacy, disseminating discourses in the field of governance, government behaviour and intermediary political power.
  • To carry out a community service program that put the community as the centre of the change to realize prosperous and sustainable community governance.


The educational objectives of the Governance Studies Study Program are to produce graduates who have:

  • A theoretical, methodological understanding of governance and the practice of its development.
  • Ability to understand and analyze governance issues, including governance issues, governance behaviour and development of intermediary political power.
  • Ability to formulate governance development models and formulate government policies.
  • Ability to manage community participation and accompany it in the development process and synergize internal and external resources for community development towards sustainable development.